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TL 240

TL 240

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Deutschtec TL240 is the best solution for places with high traffic where opening width matters. Employing Deutschtec TL240 provides you with an opening up to 2/3 of the actual/installed width. Furthermore, considering the increasing popularity of sliding doors among individuals who wish their entrance to be uniquely different from others’, TL240 is an absolutely smart choice since not only it is elegant and has distinctive design, but also is unbelievably durable in comparison with other automatic door models. In addition to these outstanding qualities, telescopic systems compare favorably with other automatic door types in terms of being the most economical solution when it comes to have an entrance unlike any other, Special Features:
• Best solution for places where opening width matters
• Heavy-duty powerful automatic telescopic sliding door operator
• 100% German-made
• Suitable for interior and exterior applications with high traffic
• Can easily handle a maximum load of 70 kg for each leaf
• Can be matched with both 2.2 and 7.2 Ah batteries to function for hundreds of times in case of power failure
• Permanent monitoring of sensors
• Detachable stainless steel track profile for durability and strength with rubber profile for smooth hushed performance
• Tested for more than 1,000,000 cycles
• TUV approved for DIN 18650 and EN 16005
• Compliant with EU and German standards and EMC directives
• Error detection and programming by external programmer
• Electromechanical lock for higher levels of security
• Digital key switch for adjustment and diagnostic processes
• Possibility of using more software and hardware options by using DEAP device
• Can be matched with many different frames and a wide range of glasses
• Can be matched with various types of sensors
• Two or four movable leaves
• Escape and non-escape models,


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TL 240,

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