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THB Frames

THB Frames

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Compared to various kinds of aluminum frames, this sturdy and robust frame whose special metal Deutschtec-patented corners have made it incredibly strong, is to a great degree immune to impacts. Its making enjoys thermal break technology and in addition to being suitable for double-glazing glass available in the market, this frame can also be used with triple-glazing glass. Moreover, Deutschtec THB frame can be applied to escape doors. Plastic-coated corner links have given unique beauty to this type of frame, Special Features:
• Meets the energy EnEV 2009
• UD – values: from 1,4 till max. 1,8W/m²K
• Certified thermal insulation values according to EN ISO 10077
•Selectable types of glass: insulating glass/heat protection glass/solar control glass/sound protection glass/safety glass/fire-resistant glass,

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THB Frames,

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