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RV420 - RV320

RV420 - RV320

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Doors which are open and yet close all the time! Deutschtec RV320 and RV420 are chic and eye-pleasing solutions which also offer the highest levels of energy-saving by reducing energy exchange between the inside and outside of buildings. Deutschtec Revolvings, which are presented in three and four-winged models, will bring elegance to the entry area of any building and bestow magnificence upon your facade. This marvelous combination of glass and metal together with the advanced technology we have made use of, creates a breathtaking first impression. Having met all safety requirements and standards, RV320 and RV420 guarantee your maximum security indefinitely, Special Features:
• Stunning design which gives any building a glamorous look
• In compliance with DIN 18650 and EN 16005 standards
• Maximum levels of safety
• Three and four-winged models
• Four operating modes: auto, rotating nonstop, manual, night
• Smooth silent function
• Adjustable speed for individuals with slow movements
• Optional collapsible door leaves
• Straightforward installation and commissioning
• Easy programming and maintenance,


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RV420 - RV320,

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