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EAD 22 sliding door drive

EAD 22 sliding door drive

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This operator comprises all features of ED 20,but with more capability. The height of the oparator is 12 cm with a dechable stain steel rail base.
Its optional battery back up can easily achieve +500 cycles with the weight of max.
120 kgs for each leave.
Long durability, strength and advanced capability are main features.
changeable steel rail backup battery :
capable to open/close the door for 600 times during power failure.
Special Functions
• Adjustable force
• Emergency opening and closing function
• Display of operation hours, opening cycles and fault recording
• System messages (door status, lock status, faults etc.)
• Bell and light activation
• Manual operation for servicing and cleaning purposes
• Monitoring of secondary closing edge Accessories/Options
• EAD control panel with 5 operating modes and fault display
• Mode selector covering 3 operating modes
• Battery-powered emergency opening/emergency power supply
• Emergency opening with spring force or rubber string
• Electro-mechanical locking with status monitoring
• Interior and exterior manual disengagement
• Elegant telescope applications (cross-section abutment 100x204mm [HxD] Standards
• CE compilant
• ISO certifi ed
• EN 292-1, EN 292-2,EN 60335-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-3,


تک لنگه, دو لنگه, جریان متناوب, IP22,

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EAD 22 sliding door drive,

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