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درب کشویی Ditec ایتالیا مدل Rex

درب کشویی Ditec ایتالیا مدل Rex

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درب کشویی Ditec ایتالیا مدل Rex
, The ease of assembly and versatility of application make Ditec Rex the right automation system for a wide range of contexts. The single-block gear reducer and control unit make installation faster.
The maximum operating speed is 1.2 m/s (2 wings) and the maximum load is 140 kg (2 wings).
Guaranteed functioning even without electricity
A device with built-in batteries which ensures operation even in the event of a power failure.
Safe and noiseless
Ditec Rex is provided with a 24 V DC motor, a microprocessor logic electronic control panel, an electronic impact-free device with encoder. The casing is made of aluminum extrusion and traction is performed by means of a synthetic toothed belt.
Ditec Rex, like all the other Ditec automation solutions can come with a complete range of original Ditec accessories for control and safety, in addition to the specific accessories included in the line,


تک لنگه, دو لنگه, آلومینیوم, استیل, 1, جریان متناوب, جریان مستقیم, 50, 60, IP22, IP44,

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درب کشویی Ditec ایتالیا مدل Rex,

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