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درب اتوماتیک Record C 90 SU

درب اتوماتیک Record C 90 SU

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Under floor swing door drive (special)
The record C 90 SU under floor swing door drive was specially designed for heavy duty swing doors up to 600 kgs. The drive unit consists of an electro-mechanical system with high performance gears and low noise power transmission. The built-in stainless steel housing also has integrated floor bearings for added strength.
Heavy duty concealed drive swing door operator
record’s experience, expertise and reliable technology has been combined in the development of the record C 90 SU drive. Its flexibility in being adapted to any existing door is unparalleled so the record C 90 SU can be used in the most diverse applications. The design has an integrated stainless steel housing to provide additional strength and elegance and integrated floor bearing for smooth operation. A range of floor cover plates are available to compliment existing flooring and decor,

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درب اتوماتیک Record C 90 SU,

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