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درب اتوماتیک Derm Fuso

درب اتوماتیک Derm Fuso

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Derm Fuso

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rm fuso
A press-closing function leaves no gap between door contact sides. Suitable for windy sites, vibrant places. When the door is stopped while in motion by obstacles, the door inverts during closing and stops on the spot during opening with a “Catch-Return/Stop Function”, preventing fixtures from damaging. A strong and less elastic toothed belt is used for door driving. The motor unit is fitted with a reduction gear. These components make maintenance less frequent. An installed 16 bit microprocessor stores various functions such as self-learning for opening /closing strokes, memorizing, automatic correction, opening/closing speed adjustment and overload detection. In addition, a self-diagnosis – alarm function – expedites maintenance in case of emergency,


تک لنگه, دو لنگه, جریان متناوب, 50, 60,

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درب اتوماتیک Derm Fuso,

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Derm Fuso,

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A task was canceled.

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