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درب اتوماتیک گردان گروپسا

درب اتوماتیک گردان گروپسا

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درب اتوماتیک گردان گروپسا
, The Revolving Door is the proposal in entrances that for its design with transparent glass ceiling allows the enjoyment of the advantages of the best energy conservation system permitting at the same time that the revolving cylinder receives natural illumination.
The design of Grupsa for these doors is based on the most advanced technology.
The installation of revolving doors RS-100 is submitted to the compliance of the local current standards and regulations (EN 16005)
The Revolving Door RS-2HC has been designed for an intensive use and to be installed at escape routes. Its powerful and safe operator GSRD-03 is tested and certified complying with the Spanish and European standards. Incorporates a night locking included on the door leaves, so that when the door is in closed mode, prevents the entrance of people to the inside of the door. It has optional on safety and operation and closing,

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درب اتوماتیک گردان گروپسا,

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